The War — BY SVITLANA, 15 YEARS - Support Ukraine

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Three t-shirts for a good cause. The artwork on the t-shirts is created by Ukrainian children, either from the safety of a new country or whilst still trapped in Ukraine. We want to share their unique and difficult stories of war – and their hope for peace.
"Every Ukrainian is now screaming in pain! Even the dumb ones scream! Russian army came to our house! Russian soldiers are killing our fathers and mothers! Rape our sisters! Pain everywhere! we hate the Russian military, Putin, and everyone who advocates war! Now, this hatred gives us the strength to fight! But we have a LOVE! Big and overwhelming! And when this hell is over, we will build a new Ukraine! Every centimeter will be made with love! Glory to Ukraine!" — Svitlana Age 15
All supplier profits go to a Children's home, caring for mentally handicapped children and young individuals aged 4–30 in Lviv, Ukraine. All of our profit on these fabulous T-Shirts are donated to families from Ukraine living locally in the UK.
Print tee in soft organic cotton quality
- Composition: 100% Organic Cotton